AOSP OS or Android TV OS: Which is more suitable for you?

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What exactly is Android Open Source Project?  At its core, Android was developed as a mobile operating system, based on the Linux kernel, meant for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. It’s developed by Google, who make its source code public through the Android Open Source Project whenever a new update is released.

Android TV is the Google-developed version of Android, specifically for TV’s and stand-alone digital media players, like set-top boxes and related streaming devices. It was announced at Google’s I/O conference in 2014 as a successor to its not-particularly-successful smart TV platform Google TV. It allows OEM’s to add advanced interactive TV capabilities to their devices, with a minimum of development time. To have Android TV function as shown at I/O 2017, you’ll need access to a lot of proprietary software not found in AOSP. To use this proprietary software, you will need to license it from Google.  Mecool M8S PRO W and Mecool M8S PRO L are two hot models we know that come with Android TV OS. Click to check.

Somebody has made a video explaining the difference betweenthese two systems. Check:

Features you’ll find in Android TV that aren’t included in AOSP, are:

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  • The Google First Time Install Wizard;
  • GMS (Googmle Mobile Services);
  • PlayReady DRM support;
  • Access to the Google Play Store and in-app billing, including Direct Carrier Billing;
  • Google Search and Assistant, including voice control;
  • Google’s TV Launcher.

PROS of Android TV for Operators

  • Netflix and other OTT services with a Google Play app out of the box;
  • Reference UI and TV Launcher;
  • Rapid innovations of features and functionality;
  • Unrestricted access to the Android app ecosystem, which allow you to offer end-users access to third party services, while keeping them in your environment.

CONS of Android TV- for Operators

  • Unrestricted access to the Android app ecosystem, which allows third parties to pop up in your EPG or global search;
  • Google certification required, whose requirements can be expected to change over time;
  • Compliance with CDD requires regular upgrades to new versions;
  • Higher hardware requirements, even though these have started to come down;
  • Control of innovation cycle largely in Google’s hands.

Android TV vs Android Open Source Platform (AOSP) infographic

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